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Marketing and PR

Legal Marketing Myths: Lawyers Shouldn’t Advertise  (Martindale-Avvo)

The following content is written by me under the name Laura DeCesare.

The Writing Life

“The 10 Best Content Mills to Work For in 2019” (Clippings.me)

Pet Care and Behavior

“Why Do Dogs Take Your Clothes?”   (Wag!)
“Why Dogs Breathe With Mouth Open”  (Wag!)
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“Blue Heeler Pitbull Mix – Where Loyalty and Hard Work Collide” (The Happy Puppy Site)


“How to Write a Eulogy for Your Father”  (Compose.ly)
“How to Write a Maid of Honor Speech”  (Compose.ly)

I am proud to be one of the featured writers on this platform, which primarily connects me to ghostwriting clients.


Since 2011, the vast majority of my professional projects have been in the ghostwriting realm.  To protect the privacy of my clients, I am only able to share paraphrased titles of recently published projects, such as:

-Cute Ways to Announce Your Engagement (1050 words)
-How to Save Money by Shopping for Mortgage Rates (730 words)
-A Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing (730 words)
-Home Buying Habits of Millennials (1090 words)
-A Financial Guide to Divorce vs Separation (1100 words)